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The Turquoise Chain Belt

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Beautiful Turquoise Chain Belt

sizeLength Extension Chain
cm inch cm inch
Children's models: 70 28 20 8
Adult models: 115 45 20 8

Effects of turquoise>>>

1. To ward off evil spirits and calm down the house. In the house placed turquoise ornaments or hanging a few turquoise can play a house function, to protect your entire family atmosphere of harmony and happiness, but also to protect the wealth, gather wealth and prosperity, prosperous portal. In addition, turquoise can also be worn as a talisman, peace talisman, so that you can turn evil into good luck, to prevent evil. The air, the harassment of the evil, bless you with all things safe and smooth, healthy and happy mood.

2. To test fidelity. Medieval German men and women engaged, the man has to send the woman a turquoise ring, it is said that if the color of the turquoise from blue to green, it implies the loss of chastity of the woman. Therefore, to this day, turquoise is also regarded as a special stone to test the loyalty of lovers, and lovers and couples can give each other.

3. Religious beliefs. Long ago, people associated turquoise with religion. In some regions, turquoise was set on knives, hats and clothes, and is still used as a sacred decoration for religious ceremonies. Turquoise was revered by most civilizations, such as Egypt, Persia, Aztecs (ancient Mexican Indians), etc.

4. Good for health. As the saying goes, people nourish jade, jade nourishes people, and other jade, turquoise also contains many beneficial trace elements for the human body. Wearing turquoise for a long time, it can absorb these trace elements and play a role in strengthening the body and health care. Turquoise is used in medicine to lower blood pressure, promote cell regeneration, strengthen the body's immunity, and treat a range of diseases such as heartache and liver disease. Turquoise can also protect against radiation, for the whole day facing the computer workers, wearing a piece of turquoise jewelry is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

5. Harmonize people's emotional and psychological state. Turquoise can regulate the mood and state of mind, give people courage and confidence, with good people, harmonious interpersonal communication, promote the peace of mind and stability, so as to maintain a healthy and cheerful state of mind, so that people are always full of positive energy.